While the world is spending their maximum time online, It is definitely not an option for kids. While some Screen Time is definitely great, going totally online is not setting a great standard for the kids in terms of learning, milestones and even their health and future developments. 

Hence I am really ecstatic at the news that Euro Kids is launching their first-ever offline study kit for toddlers aged 3 to 5. 

EuroKids International, India’s leading early childhood education company, has introduced a revolutionary 26-week offline Homeschooling Kit for young children between 3 to 5 years (PG and Nursery). This product has been designed for parents who are concerned about screen time but are seeking ways that their toddler can keep learning.

 The EuroKids Homeschooling Kit offers parents a completely offline, easy, structured and convenient solution to engage their young children where their toddler’s developmental milestones in terms of literacy, numeracy and science skills remain on track.

Designed by education experts, EuroKids International’s Homeschooling Kit comprises activities that will enhance a young child’s gross and fine motor skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, cognitive and creative development skills, and ensure continuous learning even during this pandemic. Parents can use the detailed daily plans, prepared by experts in the Home Schooling Kit to teach their child Literacy, Mathematics and Science skills. Parents will also have access to highly trained facilitators who will be just a phone call away to answer any queries they may have while teaching their child.

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Let’s talk about the USP’s of the Offline Study Model…


Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Let’s take a basic activity like Coloring and the benefits it will have. Colouring will require basic hand-eye coordination skills, and colour by number sheets will call upon specific concentration while children coordinate the number on the page with what colour they actually need to use. These colouring diagrams will require that children colour within specified areas with a predetermined colour, and keeping the colour within a defined area will help to develop hand and eye coordination.

Children will learn to hold the marker, crayon, or coloured pencil while controlling its movement in a way that will prevent the colour from going beyond the outline.

Number and Color Identification & Pattern recognition

Colour & number worksheets are a popular way to introduce your child to both numbers and colours. Your child will learn to recognize and identify numbers and match them to the numbers used to label the crayons, paints, or markers to determine which colour to use in each area. While this can help with basic colour by number addition and math skills, it can also be useful in exposing your child to different colours.


While your child will learn to tell the difference between red, blue, pink, and green, he may also have the opportunity to learn about lesser-known shades.

While we are drawing and colouring, we also introduce our kids to shapes and hence pattern recognition can really help them lay their foundations in Geometry. 

Focus and Concentration

Offline activities like Hide and Seek or Sewing beads to make a necklace in are popular kindergarten games, and while they can provide ample opportunities for fun, these activities are also extremely important at teaching children about focus and concentration.

It is believed that children who spend time playing outdoors and engaging with other kids via games have better skills in concentration and focus. 


Language Development

For young children, playing, painting, gardening and stuff like that provide the opportunity to learn words for shapes, actions, and colours in order to enhance language development. By completing a Show and Tell Activity or even Pretend Play, your child can use descriptive words to discuss what he is creating and the feelings that his artwork has elicited. Colouring, Painting and Drawing aid in the development of critical thinking skills and your child will learn new vocabulary that can be transferred to other areas of his life, improving his performance at Primary school and the quality of his/her social interactions.

Encourages a bond of love and nurture

Have you noticed that kids grow up pretty fast and the things that they remember are some ‘Pearls Of Wisdom’ that you taught them? Yes! Indeed! So this is the time to spend maximum quality time with the kids and also make sure you bond via these interesting Offline Activities. These activities are designed especially for kids which has all kinds of brainy benefits and also helps form a bond with them. 



 About EuroKids International:

 As India’s leading Early Childhood Education & K-12 Education company, delivering the ‘Joy of Learning’ is at the heart of EuroKids International. By enhancing its pedagogy and consistently building a holistic, nurturing and secure learning environment for children, EuroKids is coming closer to its vision of REINVENTING EDUCATION in the country. Over the last 18 years, EuroKids International has played an active role in the evolution of the education landscape. With its portfolio of brands – EuroKids Preschool, Kangaroo Kids Preschool, EuroKids DayCare, EuroSchool & Billabong High International, EuroKids is committed to delivering a robust foundation for future generations. The group’s ‘Child First’ ideology ensures that growth and engagement needs of a child are met in a home-like environment. Child safety focus and ensuring active engagement with parents during these crucial developmental years of the child is what makes EuroKids, a child’s Second Home. EuroKids, with its presence in over 350 cities with 1,100+ pre-schools and 35 Schools is achieving new milestones in education every day.


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