Pretty much every woman has a routine when it comes to photographs and selfies. Some prefer natural photos only while travelling with kids and for some moms, be it their Kitchen or Living room the selfie camera is the go-to tool. Needless to say, most of us moms love and even worship our Instagram account and would love to hear positive comments about the photos from the global community of mommies and it really doesn’t matter how you think you’ll look; if you click right, you’ll look right.

Presenting some tips to rock the selfies and turn yourself into a ‘Yummy Mommy’


Know your angles!

Have a heavier bottom! But… you want to fake toned legs? Well, no problem.
To look your best, know your angles. If you’re opting for a mirror selfie, stand parallel to a long mirror, tilt your body to the side, suck in your belly and flaunt your curves, then click.
Keep your expression game strong and watch how toned and smart you look.

Kim Kardashian much? Well…yes she is also a mommy no…

Tongue under teeth!

Now, it’s for sure, not many people know about this trick. If you wish to avoid a wide toothy grin that makes you look like a juvenile teenager, you can use this old school trick of putting your tongue behind your teeth to appear more refined in pictures.

Try it mommies and let me know….comment much?

Leave the double chins behind…

Mommies…You don’t have to stop taking a picture just because you have a slight double chin. Elongate your neck and push your face upfront. Tilt your chin to your preferred side, smile and look happy if you’re clicking a selfie.
Note: – Be mindful of lighting, and wear light makeup. The trick is to appear natural and the best part is if you pose with your kid then automatically the attention gets diverted towards the kid more than the mommy and the double chin gets left behind.

Smart much?

Lighting vs lighting?

Lighting is the trick to looking good, and you can kill a photo with poor lighting. If you’re clicking a sun-kissed selfie, avoid exposing your and your kids face directly to the sun. You don’t want squinty eyes, do you? And your kid will be very uncomfortable in the light which is not even good for him/her.
Conversely, if you’re posing for a cam, ask someone to use glasses to reflect light on your and your kids face and look phenomenal.

Pretty much?

Frizzy hair! You should care!

It’s the best to wash your and your kids’ hair the day you want to get clicked. Frizzy hair can make you look messy and less attractive.
However, good hair days mean good photo days. So, keep your hair soft and shiny to look refined and classy in images.

Blush is a must!

While in ancient times, the English loved the pale frail beauties, today, pale makes a woman look weak. Hence, contour and blush to appear toned and flushed. Look warm and appealing in your images with the perfect blend of light makeup. Also…Applying beetroot slice on your babies apples of cheeks to get them the perfect blush look without the chemicals.

Blush much?

Wear Confidence!

You can definitely wear confidence; in fact, if you look confident, 50% of your work will be done. All you require is to stand unapologetically as a proud mommy and pose buoyantly. It’ll show in your picture, and you’ll look both regal and attractive.

Confident Much?

Say ‘yes’ to Red lipstick

Well, bold is gold! So, go bold with bright red lipstick to make a statement and add some personality. I have seen some photos where a mommy sporting a red lip looks sexy and confident at the same time!

Pout Much?

Props work!

If you feel like spicing up your picture, use a prop and improvise. The props for a mommy can be endless…Stuffed Toys, Balloons, Caps, Umbrella, Slates, Shoes, Kids clothes etc…

Trendy much?


A smile is the most infectious asset of a baby, so why not use it to its optimum? And as a mommy, a smile is the best ornament you wear. Look happy, and everyone will instantly want to connect with you.

Say cheese much?

Thus, focus on these tips at hand and look as trendy as SuperMOM Kim or Huda Katan!


Keep on Clicking

SuperMOM Mitali