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10 things to do differently this Mothers Day! Its a B***H list!


While Mothers day is just around the corner here is a B**CH LIST  for celebrating this mothers day as a #MOMBOSS more like ‘Devil wears Prada’ style and making your husband realize the importance of you being a total diva of a mother, except for THIS DAY!

Don’t get up in the morning- Oh yeah I am super sleepy! Anyways it’s a Sunday! 

Ask for a bed tea and bed milk for your kiddoI shall taste your tea just to see you work hubby! And I totally forgot you look sexy in the kitchen…hmm when u work that is! 

Don’t shower till late & pretend to have lost trivial things like your socks or an anklet. (to make hubby search for it) Who said this is not a revenge day! 

Ask for a Mothers day brunch date with your husband- So that he can pamper you with love. 

I am sure you must have planned an evening with your girlfriendsIf not read this and plan it! 

Go a little overboard on your husbands’ credit card.- You totally deserve a fat salary after years of unpaid work! 

Celebrate with sparkling water and wine.I totally mean you should not get drunk! But don’t drive! 

Return home fashionably late.- This is your birthright….sorry day right! 

Don’t sleep with your makeup onOhh yeah…you don’t wanna celebrate the granny’s day tomorrow!  Do you? 

And Mothers day is over- tomorrow is a Moanday! Sorry Monday!