Most of our pregnant mommies, often face discomfort due to the excessive summer heat. Add to add to that their unstable hormones and bodily changes which often lead to dehydration, tiredness, migraines, water retention etc…

The good part is, a lot can be overcome with proper clothing. Moreover, just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to bid fashion adieu. So, check out these 10 fashionable tops SuperMOM Mitali recommends and sort your summer out!

The Cotton Shirt

If you’re working, go for a cotton shirt; that’ll allow you to breathe freely during summer. Pairing it with boyfriend jeans or simply plaid pants will also make you look chic, stylish and comfortable.

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Empire/ Doll tops

Typically known as Barbie doll top, these give the illusion of an hourglass figure. Not only will it flatter a pregnant woman’s features but the top also hugs the ribs and flairs at the bottom. Hence, there’s no problem to wear this with a baby bump, even in summer.

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Baggy tunics

If you’re a mommy who’s more than 4 months pregnant, then opt for a baggy tunic. Not only will this top allow a better air circulation for your body, but these are in-fashion too.

My suggestion would be a floral print or indo-western top matching your long skirt.

The Peasant top

These tops are vintage inspired and have timeless beauty attached to them. Hence, these are ideal choices for pregnant mothers catering to their A-line design which flows below the rib cage. Pleasant tops prevent the material from sticking to the skin, keeping mommas from sweating profusely.

The Kaftan top

For mothers who wish to cover up a little more, flowy Kaftan tops will do the trick of successfully hiding their baby bump. Moreover, these tops would make you feel fresh, cool and ‘bohemian’.

A Baggy tee!

For young women who have recently conceived, there isn’t a chance of baby bump before 4 months. However, bodily changes will naturally affect them. Therefore, chances are, these mommies will feel the summer heat more intensely. So, it’s best to opt for wearing light colored plain baggy tees.

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Go stripes!

No matter what your age and color are, stripes are the new trend. Furthermore, a cotton half sleeved stripes will make women look toned, and you can even flaunt your bump in style.

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Button down shirts

If you’re already blessed with a child and are pregnant for the 2nd time, you might have to balance your health and look after your kid simultaneously. Therefore, buying a regular button-down shirt will make it convenient for you to do your chores, courtesy their loose fit.


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The top dress

A super trendy top dress is a favorite amongst pregnant ladies as it’s convenient to wear. It’s the perfect choice for a summer outing, owing to their A-line cut that fits snugly at the ribs and flows like a skirt down.

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Cold shoulder tops

The newest range of high fashion tops in the market, these can also substitute as a good pregnancy top. Make sure to choose a cotton top with A-line cut as that will make you feel free and fresh.

So, don’t let summer affect your pregnancy. Shop smart and keep your health intact with these trending summer tops.

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Hope all you moms have a lot of fun seeing the pics and rushing to the store and buying all these summery clothes.

Keep it Stylish…


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