10 Quintessential Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets for the Modern Mom

When you have a mischievous little bundle of joy growing up at home, chances are you must hear “Mommy I’m hungry” a lot! So, managing both work and your child’s cravings can become taxing right? But, not to worry mommies, to make your life easier I bring you these unique kitchen wares to prepare your child scrumptious meals. 10 Must have kitchen gadgets for the Indian Moms!

A crockpot

The crockpot aka the slow cooker will firstly save you energy; secondly, it’s perfect for cooking casseroles and pot pies. Additionally, if you’ve leftover curries add some of it in this gadget and pop in some onions, chicken and make your family a nutritious, healthy chicken broth.

Rice cooker

A staple meal for all Indians, rice is a favorite amongst all. But, making rice can be lengthy and sometimes you can over or undercook it. So, keep a rice cooker in your vicinity to make yourself quick rice. Moreover, your rice cooker can also double up for making oatmeal and poha recipes.


I would advise you, mothers, to get a juicer for these 2 reasons- • Vegetable or fruit juices in the morning can keep your child healthy and fit • You will save up on excess muscle work


Well, one way of making your child stop gorging on outdoor sweets is to make him healthy yet tasty smoothies. You can use this blender for a quick banana strawberry smoothie, or choco vanilla smoothie.

A grater

Want to make your recipes quickly? Well, the preparation time is what can kill the buzz of your child and make him/her complain. So hurry things up with a grater! Now, get finely grated cheese and veggies for making savory meals.

Sandwich maker

So, your baby loves grilled sandwiches; then this gadget is a must-have. All you need is a few innovative recipes and this tool for fulfilling your child’s desire. Moreover, this can help you prepare quick tiffin and breakfast for your family too. So buying one will give you a value for your money.

Roti maker

Children love phulkas, especially if they look round, blemish free and soft. So, after a tiring day at work, preparing a roti can be taxing. So, use this roti maker to make the perfect rotis your child can’t say no to.


I really dunno why the dishwashing trend didn’t pick up in India but as a new mum, I am planning to invest in one. It comes with a special variant for Indians because we use less glass and more of steel. Whatever your kids might eat, its easy and safe and really clean to us this! So…lets give this some thought?

A masher

Using a hand to make dough can be tiring, moreover, the smoother you make it, the tastier the dessert. So, use a masher instead and mix the dough as much as you want. You can satisfy your baby’s cravings and bake him home-made desserts without having your energy drained on mashing dough.

Air fryer

Your baby boy or girl must love those fried chips. However, outside snacks contain lots of chemicals and preservatives. So, use this air fryer to make your child his pick of cheese chips, fritters, fries without worrying about the excess saturated oil. So, new moms, use these modern gadgets to utilize your time in the kitchen effectively. Now, you can keep your child seated while balancing work effectively.