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10 Best Shows that MILLENNIAL MOM should Watch


10 Best Shows that every MILLENNIAL MOM should Watch

OK…….So I am as amazed as you are that I am recommending these 10 TV Shows you should watch….Have I seen them? Oh yeah…All of them and there are much more that are not even included in the list.

So why should you watch them?

If you are a new mommy….you realise that you are a zombie…can’t sleep at night and sleep in the morning is turning you into a lone freak! Don’t worry….. these TV Show families are right here for your rescue.

That’s right.

If you have been a mommy for too long….like me…..Then I think it’s high time you meet these new families.

The Girlfriend Experience 

This is a series about a Law student who ends up becoming an escort. Oh yeah…I have only been raving about this since yesterday….and I really don’t know if it is the performance by, Riley Keough, the storyline or the character but I am hugely impressed by the learnings from the show that I could experience. Not to sound omniscient or anything but I am sure every woman goes through some kind of battles with money, power and character and what we choose is where we stand today! Originally a Starz drama, Available on Amazon Prime

She always knew exactly what this was. #GirlfriendExperience

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I have known many girls who are madly in love with Suits…though I am not a very big fan of the series…I would definitely recommend this to someone who is new to the law and order world …(Imagine that you are a lawyer) kind of stuff and my husband does swear that this is binge watch worthy. Available on Amazon Prime and Netflix

Drop Dead Diva

Hah….we don’t even look at it consciously but Hollywood does have a love affair with everything ‘Lawyer’ and this series a comedy take on Suits and Law and order wherein a thin aspiring model is sent back into a fat lawyers body after her accident by mistake and what happens next…..is the drama….Renny calls this series as “Thin girl turned into Fat Girl series” and yeah…that’s the crux. Available on Netflix…I call these no-brainer yet entertaining series like ‘Coffee Beans’ and the heavy ones are…’Perfume’!

Devious Maids

Hah…..this is a ‘Coffee Beans’ experience for sure…Hot, young and sexy Latino girls in Hollywood struggling as none other than maids. They have their own agenda and a murder plot and much more twisted in the sheets. Not Available on Netflix, Hotstar or Amazon Prime.

Big Little Lies

After this series won an Emmy and the ‘MOM’ bomb was dropped…I started watching this series and though I am just on the episode no 5 (Right now as I write) but this has definitely ticked all the right boxes. If you are a mom anywhere in the world would recommend this to you! It talks about all kinds of problems the 21st-century couple goes through and also the problems faced by kids under a suspense angle of a murder as well. Available on Hotstar…

Our first proper BLL video edit, more to come soon! ❤️

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Stranger Things

2016 was pretty much a Stranger Things year, because of the cast and the crew of the series….were everywhere- Oscars to Golden Globes etc…an amazing plot involving a monster…set in the 80’s or something…will surely take you back to your childhood. And the second season coming up this year…..make sure that you see the season 1 on a binge! Available on Netflix…

Pretty. Pretty good. #StrangerRewatch

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Narcos is a story of chronicles the life of Pablo Escobar….. Set and filmed in Colombia, Seasons 1 and 2 tell the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine The show fantastically displays the main events that happened in Colombia during this period and Escobar’s relationship with them….with a VO by Murphy who was the main DEA official who captured Pablo Escobar…this series was the highlight of my life last year but….they are back with the season 3 which depicts the fall and capture of the Cali Cartel and I have just binge watched it last week….Must say…..it’s beyond amazing! Available on Netflix…

The king is dead. Long live the kings. Narcos season 3 is now streaming.

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Game of Thrones

Oh yeah…You all already know what this is about but if you are someone who thinks this is not your cuppa tea??? Ahh…I also used to think the same before I gulped down season 1 2 and 3 when I had just delivered Renny and I guess she was just 20 days old when I began…..But…..by the time she turned 3 months old…I even had started reading the book! So by far I am all the seasons down and 3 Books down as well and you know what I am even reading other novels by George R R Martin set before Games but in the GOT Universe. Available on Hotstar…

PFB a #BTS clip for you! Have fun!

Black Mirror

OMG OMG OMG…….I have rarely met a mommy who has seen Black Mirror but this is something I guess every person in the universe should watch because these episodes are set in a future and this future does not seem that distant for me at all…like the ones where people behave nicely or badly with you on the basis of the star rating that you have….Oh…Boy…That is happening to me….already! PFB the trailer! Available on Netflix…

House of Cards

Kevin Spacey on a run to become the President of the USA is the plot from the season 1 to season 5….hah…I guess they were also pleasantly surprised when the turn of events in the USA with Donald Trump becoming the President collided with the release of the lastest and the last season. It is a little heavy to watch for sure but…has lots to learn from it and has been awarded Golden Globe and practically all the awards on the planet…A Must watch! Available on Netflix.



Besides these, I would surely recommend the below list……..

  • Shark Tank
  • American Crime Story- OJ Simpson 
  • The OA
  • Dexter
  • Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Defenders and Daredevil 
  • Prison Break 
  • Raja Rasoi aur Anya Kahaniya 
  • Koffee with Karan 
  • Modern Family 
  • Sex in the city
  • The Night Of 
  • The handmaiden’s tale

Keep on binge-watching,


SuperMOM Mitali